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Accountant and Bank

Learn about appointing an accountant and bank to your corporation.

When you Incorporate with Goodlawyer, we ask you for information about your accountant and where you plan to open your corporation’s bank account. You can skip both of these sections if you don’t have an accountant or bank yet.

We collect this information because, legally, your directors are required to appoint them for your corporation. We want to make sure we prepare the necessary director resolutions for your corporation’s organizational documents.

  1. Accountant
  2. Bank


1. Accountant

An accountant is appointed by the corporation to prepare its financial statements and file taxes. Many small businesses have an accountant, although it is not legally required. 

If you have an accountant, we require their first and last name, the name of the firm (if applicable), and the address of the individual or firm.

2. Bank

After your corporation has been created, you must open a business bank account. This is critical for separating your corporation’s finances and limiting your liability. 

If you know which bank you will be using, we’ll ask for the name of the bank and the address of the specific branch you will be using.

Learn more about opening a business bank account.