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Completing Your Annual Corporate Return

This page is to help Goodlawyer users who are currently filing an Annual Corporate Return (“ACR”) with us.

It explains the different pieces of information we require about your corporation to complete your filing. Most, if not all of the information we need can be found in your corporation’s minute book. 

For more information about Goodlawyer’s Annual Corporate Return plans, please visit the Annual Corporate Return Plan Info Sheet.


We’ve organized this page to align with our ACR intake form. The information is broken into the following categories:

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Corporate Information
  3. Directors
  4. Officers
  5. Shareholders
  6. Auditor & Accountant
  7. Extra Notes
  8. Summary

1. Important Disclaimer!

Until you complete and submit the information via the Goodlawyer app, Goodlawyer cannot initiate your annual corporate return and is not responsible for any missed or overdue filings. If your corporation has missed previous annual corporate returns, Goodlawyer will charge an additional $199 + tax for each year that requires filings, plus any additional late charges or revival fees that may apply.

After you complete and submit your ACR information, we will keep our eyes on your filing due date. As it approaches and your ACR becomes eligible for filing, we will prepare all appropriate legal documentation and collect digital signatures from all required parties. Until all the signatures are collected, we cannot complete your ACR so please make an effort to be responsive.

Once your ACR filing is complete, Goodlawyer will upload your “Proof of Filing” for the year which you can download and add to your minute book.

You are responsible for updating the required corporate information on Goodlawyer if any of it changes throughout the year. If you read this page and still require assistance, please contact the Legal Concierge™.


2. Corporate Information

Corporate Name

The full legal name (or number) of your corporation. This can be found in your Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation. (Goodlawyer Inc. or 1234567 Canada Ltd.)

Private non-distributing company

Goodlawyer cannot file annual corporate returns for a distributing corporation (publicly traded companies). A distributing corporation includes a “reporting issuer” or a corporation that has securities listed for trading on a stock exchange.

Jurisdiction of Incorporation

For federally incorporated companies, select “Canada.” For provincially incorporated companies, select the applicable province in which the company was incorporated.

Corporation key

Your corporation key is a password that allows you (and us) to complete your corporate return filing. It can be found in your incorporation documents. Sometimes it is also referred to as a Corporation Access Key or Corporation Access Number depending on the location. Note that you will have a unique corporation key for each jurisdiction you are registered in.

Extra-Provincial Incorporation

These are any additional provinces your corporation is legally registered to operate in. If your company is federally incorporated, it must also be extra-provincially registered in the province that it carries on business. If you are federally incorporated but do not have any extra-provincial registrations, please book a Legal Concierge™ service to explore adding your extra-provincial registration.

For each extra-provincial registration, we require your corporation's registration number, date of registration, and address. We also need information about the agent for service appointed by the corporation in that province, specifically their name and email address, and the name of their firm (if applicable).


3. Directors

Your corporation’s directors are collectively referred to as the board of directors. The board is appointed by the corporation's shareholder(s) and oversees the management of the Company. You may be the sole director of the corporation.

For each director, we require their first and last name, address, phone number, email, and their Canadian Residency status. This is required to ensure compliance with corporate laws; all corporations registered in Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, or federally must have at least 25% of the Board composed of Canadian residents. That means they have Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status, and ordinarily live in Canada.


4. Officers

Officers are appointed by the corporation’s directors to actively run the business. Individuals can hold multiple offices, or be the sole officer of the corporation.

For each officer, we require their first and last name, and the title of their office (i.e. President, CEO, CTO, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.).


5. Shareholders

Your corporation’s shareholders include any individual or entity that owns at least one share in your corporation. You may be the sole shareholder of the corporation. 

For each shareholder, we require their class of shares, their first and last name, address, phone number, email, and percentage (%) of ownership rounded to the nearest whole number. For corporations registered in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, we also require the number of shares owned by each shareholder.

If you have a shareholder that is an entity, we require the entity’s registration number, and the first and last name, email address, and position/title of a representative for such entity.


6. Auditor & Accountant


An auditor is appointed by the corporation to audit its financial statements. This is a legal requirement that may be waived with the approval of a corporation’s shareholders. Many small businesses choose to waive the appointment of an auditor. If you waive the appointment of an auditor for your corporation, your shareholders must sign a resolution to approve this decision. Goodlawyer will prepare the necessary shareholder approvals to waive the appointment of an auditor for your corporation, if applicable.

If you have an auditor, we require their first and last name, the name of the firm (if applicable), and the address of the individual or firm.


An accountant is appointed by the corporation to prepare its financial statements and file taxes. Many small businesses have an accountant, although it is not legally required. If you waive having an accountant there will be an additional resolution for signature in your corporate filing package. 

If you have an accountant, we require their first and last name, the name of the firm (if applicable), and the address of the individual or firm.

7. Extra Notes

If there are any important details about your corporation that are not captured in the information outlined above, please add them here. Examples of good things to include in your notes would be if you have any overdue filings, if there were any changes in the corporate information since the last filing such as a change of name, registered address, or new directors.

Note that if you are federally incorporated and have had a change of registered address or change of directors since your last annual corporate return filing, Goodlawyer will require access to your Corporation Key in order to file the changes with the corporate registry. Learn more about Corporation Keys.

8. Summary

Thank you for trusting Goodlawyer with your corporate maintenance! Once your ACR is eligible for filing, we will send you (and all required signatories) a signature package, submit your filing, then upload your “Proof of Filing” to your Goodlawyer account. 

Note that if we encounter any errors in the information you submit, we will contact you to to rectify the info and complete your ACR.

Should you have any questions about your Annual Corporate Return or if you have any other legal services inquiries, please book a Legal Concierge™ service.


For Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Corporate Returns, please visit the Annual Corporate Return Plan Info Sheet.