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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Everything you need to know about getting a COVID-19 Safety Plan on Goodlawyer: pricing, scope of work, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

What is a COVID-19 Safety Plan?

Some provincial governments, including those in Ontario and British Columbia, have made implementation of a COVID-19 Safety Plan a requirement under their COVID-19 public health orders. For businesses located in provinces where a COVID-19 plan is not mandated, there remains the duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace under the provincial occupational health & safety legislation. Implementing a COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines the steps taken to address a safe re-entry to in-person work documents OH&S compliance. 

Who is this service for?

This service covers the safety requirements that are suitable for businesses with basic operational and staffing requirements. If your business is unionized, in a sector with additional restrictions such as health care, long-term care, or education, open to the public, in an open-plan space, serving vulnerable populations, or has vulnerable staff, additional and more restrictive measures may be appropriate.

Pricing and Scope

A COVID-19 Safety Plan can vary drastically depending on the needs of your business and the risk of COVID exposure. At Goodlawyer, part of our mission is to always provide upfront fixed prices for legal services, so we've created a basic and custom COVID-19 Safety Plan to give business owners more choice and more control.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Starting at $490 + tax

Where customization efforts exceed the scope outlined below, your service will require a custom quote. Some clear indications that you will require a custom quote are outlined in the next section.


Suitable for:

  • Workplaces with a lower risk for infection transmission ​and/or have less complex operations (non-union, not public-facing/open to the public, no vulnerable workers, or no vulnerable client groups).


  • Workplace arrangements where minimally invasive infection control measures have proved sufficient to minimize the chances of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.
  • Workplaces where employees:
    • are not required to attend a physical workplace. 
    • do not work in close proximity to other employees.
    • do not interact directly with customers or clients.


A coordinated workplace operations safety plan, tailored to the nature of the work being performed, the physical workplace, and the business’ operational needs. Your workplace operations safety plan considers measures required to:

  • Comply with the latest relevant Government guidelines for workplace safety concerning COVID-19 
  • Continue or resume operations, either on an immediate basis or phased stages. 
  • Implement infection controls that comply with government guidance.
  • Effectively communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and other key contacts.
  • Implement contingency planning for possible COVID-19 scenarios that may affect your workplace.

Does not include: 

  • Measures requiring employees to undergo regular COVID-19 testing.
    • In higher-risk workplaces where less intrusive screening methods do not adequately control transmission risks, regular COVID-19 testing may be justified (see Workplace Operations COVID Safety Plan (Complex)). 
    • COVID-19 testing is more intrusive than self-assessments or temperature screening and must be balanced against employee privacy interests.
  • Measures requiring employees to receive COVID-19 vaccination or altering job duties for those who are not vaccinated.
    • Mandatory vaccination policies for COVID-19 may be justified for the highest risk work environments (see Workplace Operations COVID Safety Plan (Complex)). 
    • Such policies must be balanced against employee privacy interests.

    Where customization efforts exceed the above scope, the service moves to the custom tier outlined below.

    Custom COVID-19 Safety Plan

    Suitable for:

    • Workplaces with an elevated risk for infection transmission, where there is a population that is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19; workplaces in jurisdictions that have mandatory vaccination policies for designated workplaces; or for companies that want to implement vaccine or testing requirements for their workplace.


    • Workplaces where employees:
      • work concurrently in close proximity to other employees;
      • are over the age of 65
      • are working at more than one workplace, such as temporary placement agency workers or part-time workers who work for more than one employer
      • are required to interact with the public, or with customers or clients that are at greater risk if they contract COVID-19, such as the elderly, the sick or children.
      • deal directly with customers or individuals, such as health care workers, front line customer service workers and others who work close to clients, customers or patients.


    All of the features and measures contained and offered by COVID Safety Plan (Basic), as well as:

    • A consultation to evaluate your existing policies for employee accommodation, privacy and collection of health information
    • The development of a comprehensive vaccination and/or testing policy customized to the nature of your workplace which will include a program of either mandatory vaccination, mandatory testing or a combination of both.  
    • Legally compliant privacy notices for collection of health information, advice on retention and storage of health information, and a framework for evaluating accommodation requests under the human rights legislation. 
    • Employee accommodation planning for employees that are unable or unwilling to comply with mandatory vaccination or mandatory testing policy.  
    • Advice for compliance audits/consequences for non-compliance may also be included.

    Additional considerations and employer disclosures: 

    • The COVID Safety Plan (complex) may ​impact employee privacy, including disclosure of vaccination status, potential COVID-19 testing, or applying differential infection control measures that identify individuals as unvaccinated (e.g., requiring unvaccinated individuals to wear additional PPE). Such intrusions are typically only reasonable where their benefit to workplace safety outweighs the employee’s privacy interests.  Care needs to be taken that any plans properly address the privacy interests and meet requirements for collection, use and disclosure of health information in your province.
    • When collecting, using, and disclosing COVID-19-related employee information, an employer must follow applicable Canadian privacy law requirements and use an appropriate analytical framework to develop privacy-compliant COVID-19 response initiatives. Any collection, use, and disclosure of personal information for COVID-19 screening purposes must meet the privacy and legal requirements for health information in your particular province.  
    • Your Good Lawyer will help you determine whether your business requires additional policies for the collection of employee personal health information in conjunction with the implementation of the Workplace Operations COVID Safety Plan (complex). 
    • Your Good Lawyer will help you determine whether your business requires additional policies for evaluating and deciding accommodation requests under applicable human rights legislation.
    • Given that vaccination policies and the collection of employee personal health information seriously impacts employee rights, the Workplace Operations COVID Safety Plan (complex) may be met with a variety of legal challenges, including:
      • Civil wrongful dismissal claims.
      • Union policy grievances or individual grievances.
      • Human rights discrimination claims.
      • Complaints to privacy commissioners.


    What is the process?

    1. Book a call: Pick a time to discuss your COVID-19 Safety Plan with a Good Lawyer. They'll help you determine if you need a Basic or Complex service.
    2. Design your Plan: You’ll have a call with your Good Lawyer to help them understand your business so they can draft a Workplace COVID-19 Safety Plan that adequately protects you, your business, and your employees. 
    3. Receive your Agreement: You will receive a copy of the COVID-19 Safety Plan, ready for use.

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