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Everything you need to know about Goodlawyer's Custom Service Consultations.

  1. What is a Custom Service Consultation?
  2. Pricing and Scope
  3. What is the Process?
  4. Why get a Custom Service Consultation?
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What's a Custom Service Consultation?

A Custom Service Consultation is an exclusive Goodlawyer micro service designed to identify and scope custom legal services that are not currently offered on our fixed-fee menu. Booking a Custom Service Consult starts with scheduling a time, picking a lawyer, and submitting your questions. Your lawyer prepares for the call and calls you at the scheduled time to give you advice and explain your options.

After your call, your lawyer will send you a custom quote for your legal needs and you can decide whether or not you want to proceed. All prices are upfront and non-committal.


Pricing and Scope

Part of our mission at Goodlawyer is to provide affordable access to legal services that make sense for business owners. Custom Service Consultations are an excellent way to kick-off new projects and learn what your options are, all with an upfront non-committal quote.

$39 + Tax

  • $20 Legal fee
  • $19 Service fee


  • 15 minute phone call with a qualified lawyer. Your lawyer will let you know if your issue requires more than 15 minutes of discussion.
  • Answers to one or two specific questions
  • Upfront quote for your custom legal service

Not Included:

  • Review of any agreement or other business document
  • Completing legal research or providing a formal written legal opinion
  • Additional work or questions following the call
  • Revising any agreement or other business document
  • Negotiating on your behalf

What is the process?

  1. Book your appointment. Pick a time, pick a lawyer, and submit your questions. 

  2. Have your scheduled call. Your lawyer will call you to discuss your legal needs.

  3. Review your options. Get the answers you need and learn what your options are.


Why get a Custom Service Consultation ?

Because your situation is unique.

Custom services are tailored to fit. No amount of Googling can get you legal advice that takes your unique situation into account and gives you peace of mind.

Pay less. Get more.

Connect with a lawyer faster and more affordably than any other method and get the advice you need from the comfort of your own home.

Made in Canada.

Get your legal advice from local Canadian lawyers who are well-versed in the legal needs of Canadian businesses on a provincial and federal level.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if 15 minutes isn’t enough time?

If it looks like your call is going to take more than 15 minutes, your lawyer will let you know so that you can either extend the call or wrap the conversation up. If you’re having a productive discussion and decide to continue, it’s a flat rate of $39 per additional 15 minutes. 

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

For most business law questions the answer is “no”. For employment and commercial tenancy related issues, it’s best to speak to a lawyer who has experience in your province. Goodlawyer has lawyers all over Canada with diverse experiences and specializations. If your lawyer doesn’t think they can answer your question due to a provincial issue, Goodlawyer will find another Good Lawyer who can help you.

What if I don't want to proceed with the custom service?

No problem! Our custom quotes are non-committal. At Goodlawyer we believe in giving entrepreneurs the power of choice. That means always knowing the price upfront!


"Easy access to professional advice. Never would have been able to afford and get an actual lawyer without a service like this. Put my mind at ease without ever needing to leave my couch!"

Braden, January 2021 — 5-Star Google Review


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