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Fractional General Counsel (GC)

Everything you need to know about Goodlawyer Fractional General Counsel (GC).

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What is Fractional General Counsel (GC)?

We developed Fractional GC for high-growth companies who need experienced and dedicated legal support, without the cost of a full-time in-house counsel. A Fractional GC can help your business manage and close a high volume of contracts and deals, commercialize a complex portfolio of IP assets, and efficiently scale your team.

Goodlawyer’s Fractional GC gives you the right in-house expertise to manage your legal operational challenges while staying on budget. Unlike costly and inefficient outside counsel engagements, Goodlawyer’s Fractional GC embeds an experienced legal operator directly into your team — helping you move fast and on budget.

Learn more about Fractional GC here.


Available by custom quote

Fractional GC engagements depend on various factors and require custom quoting.  These factors will determine the price of your Fractional GC:

  1. The required legal expertise and years of experience
  2. The amount of time per month that you need your Fractional GC
  3. The number of months you need your Fractional GC

Start by booking a consultation with our team and we'll help you find the right lawyer, scope your engagement, and set up your Fractional GC.

Note that Pro discounts do NOT apply to Fractional GC services.


Book a free consult to start your Fractional GC journey.

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