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What is Goodlawyer Pro?

Goodlawyer Pro is a subscription membership that provides incredible value to our customers. With Pro, you'll have access to our Canada-wide network of independent business lawyers who can help you in any legal area your business needs — all with  no billable hours or surprise fees. 


Pricing and Scope

$399 + tax per year

Goodlawyer Pro is for dedicated business owners that want to save money on legal services, and intend to grow various aspects of their business. When thinking about all of the perks that an annual Goodlawyer Pro membership provides, we like to compare it to a banana split sundae.

  • The ice cream — Unlimited free Initial Consultations. 
  • The banana — $100 off basic Contract Reviews. 
  • The chocolate fudge — Half off service fees on fixed-fee and custom jobs.
  • The sprinkles — $99 Legal Strategy Sessions.

Sounds delicious, right?! Here's a little more info about each of the perks.

Initial Consultations

An Initial Consultation on Goodlawyer is a free meeting with a lawyer in our network. These meetings are intended to meet a lawyer, give them information about your business, your legal issue, and discuss how they can help you.

Learn more about Initial Consultations here

Contract Review

$100 off on every Contract Review 

A Contract Review is an exclusive Goodlawyer service designed to provide quick, reliable advice on your contracts and answer any questions related to them. You will get up to 1 hour of lawyer time to review and markup your contract, then call you to explain their findings. With Goodlawyer Pro, you'll get $100 off Contract reviews (starting at $199)

Learn more about Contract Reviews here

Legal Strategy Session

$100 off Legal Strategy Sessions ($199 regular price)

A Legal Strategy Session is a 45 to 60 minute deep dive with a lawyer to help you develop a customized legal strategy for your business around a specific legal challenge you are facing. While a Legal Strategy Session is normally $199, you'll get $100 off per session with Goodlawyer Pro.

Learn more about Legal Strategy Sessions here

Service Fees

Half off Goodlawyer service fees (~10% discount)

Goodlawyer has a wide variety of fixed-fee legal services and custom quote services. These are all subject to our variable service fee, but with Goodlawyer Pro, you'll only have to pay half of the service fee on marketplace services.

Check out all of our fixed-fee services on our pricing page here


Services can be booked with lawyers in any of our practice areas, such as Corporate & Commercial, Employment & HR, Privacy & Data Security, Intellectual Property, Tax, Business Immigration, or Wills & Estates depending on your specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a Pro account with my business partner?

No. Law Society regulations require lawyers to keep extensive documentation of each person they deal with and Goodlawyer Pro accounts can only contain the profile of one person. This is an inconvenience we're aware of and hope to solve in the near future.

Can I work with more than one lawyer?

Yes. You can work with a different lawyer every day, if you want to. If you'd rather work exclusively with a single lawyer, you can do that too.

What happens if I cancel my Pro membership?

Canceling your membership will cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription. You will still retain access to all of the Pro features until your renewal date, at which point you will lose access to all Pro features. You’ll still have access to your Goodlawyer account and the marketplace and won’t lose any of your records or previous interactions with lawyers.

What's the difference between Initial Consultations and Legal Strategy Sessions?

Initial Consultations are an introductory call to meet a lawyer, give them information about your business, your legal issue, and discuss how they can help you. Initial Consultations are NOT legal advice and are NOT for ongoing legal services or back-to-back calls. That's where Legal Strategy Sessions come in.

Legal Strategy Sessions ($99 for Pros) are for more complex questions that require a deep dive and give you up to 1 hour of your lawyer's time. This 60 minutes might be spent entirely on one call with you, or might need to be split up into shorter calls and some time for your lawyer to research your issue. Either way, total lawyer time is up to 60 minutes.

What if I need advice relating to a contract?

If you have specific questions about a specific contract, you will need to book a Contract Review, and Pros get $50 off every Contract Review.

If you're looking for high-level advice on a topic related to contracts, you can ask your lawyer about booking a Legal Strategy Session.

Is there a free trial?

No, not usually. On some occasions, our sales team can give out a free trial of Pro, but we believe that the value of our subscription model speaks for itself. We recommend booking an Initial Consultations or a Legal Concierge™ service if you want to get a feel for using Goodlawyer before signing up for Pro.



Don't just take our word for it, see what some of our current Goodlawyer Pro subscribers have to say as well: 

“So far I’ve worked with several different lawyers on the Goodlawyer platform. The cool thing is that if one lawyer is booked up for several weeks, there are often several others available within the same day or next day. This is incredibly convenient and makes it the #1 platform for fast answers to pressing legal questions. It’s like having a General Counsel a few button clicks away.”

— Stephen Wensley, Acuspire

See the full case study here.


“Knowing that I’ve got a team of all-star lawyers behind me is so good. If you’re not using Goodlawyer Pro, you’re missing out and probably paying way too much!”

— Phil Godin, Proaxion

See the full case study here.

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