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Registered Address and Agent For Service

Learn about selecting your registered address and agent for service when incorporating.

The registered address, sometimes called the registered office or head office, is the official address of your corporation registered with the government. It must be a street address where you are able to receive documents, and it cannot be a PO Box.

Your corporation needs to have a registered address for each official registration, in their respective operating jurisdictions. For example, a corporation that is incorporated or extra-provincially registered in Alberta must have a registered address in Alberta.

Along with each of your corporation’s registered addresses, you will be asked for an agent for service. This is an individual who can accept mail, notices, and documents on behalf of the corporation. It can be someone who is involved with the corporation, or someone completely independent. Enter their information in the “Care of” field.


NOTE that Goodlawyer will not act as your registered office or agent for service.