Goodlawyer Service Fees

Because we believe in transparent pricing, we make our best effort to be upfront about additional fees and how they are calculated. This page will explain exactly how it all works so you're never surprised by your legal bill.

The Goodlawyer Service Fee

To continuously improve and maintain the Goodlawyer platform, we charge a Service Fee on every paid legal service facilitated by our platform. The Goodlawyer Service Fee has two components:

  1. A flat $39 per transaction
    1. This fee is applied to all transactions and is included in the Goodlawyer Service Fee. It is not charged on free calls.
    2. This portion of the Goodlawyer Service Fee is not included in prices listed on and, or on individual line items within a service or quote.
  2. A variable percentage-based fee per line item
    1. This portion of the Goodlawyer Service Fee is included in our listed prices of fixed-fee services on and
    2. Varies based on the fixed-fee service.
    3. For custom services scoped and quoted by a Lawyer, the percentage-based line item fee is calculated at 25% of the Legal Fee (20% of the subtotal).
    4. This fee does not apply to line items marked as Disbursement. Disbursement line items are exempt from sales tax, but will have a 3% processing fee included in the Service Fee line on Quotes, Active services, Invoices, and Receipts.

NOTE: Sales taxes will apply to the aggregate Goodlawyer Service Fee.