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Everything you need to know about getting a Startup Bundle on Goodlawyer: complete pricing breakdown, scope of work, and why you need it.

  1. What is a Startup Bundle?
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What is the Startup Bundle?

The Startup Bundle is for early stage co-founders with ambitions to create (or reorganize) a startup that is built to attract investment and grow — fast. The bundle includes a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation, a Complex Shareholder Agreement, and a Founder Employment Agreement (Complex Employment Agreement).


Pricing and Scope

Establish your co-founder stakes and responsibilities, attract top talent, and have a trusted legal ally from the start — sloppy corporations are deal-breakers for investors. Enter the Startup Bundle. 

$2,480 + Tax

  • $2,008 legal fee
  • $472 service fee
  • *Does not include any government fees for incorporation

Where customization efforts exceed the typical threshold, a custom price quotation is suitable. Your lawyer will always seek your approval on custom quotes before proceeding — no surprises.

    Incorporation (or restructure)

    $500 legal fee + $99 service fee + government fees

    Government fees vary by province and range from $200 - $500.

    Incorporation is a business structure that involves the creation of an independent legal entity that is recognized by the Canadian government. The corporation has the same rights as a person and is considered a separate legal entity. Corporations are the most common business structure in Canada and for good reason; incorporating your business can reduce your tax burden, limit your personal liability, give your business a strong foundation to build on, and more.

    To learn more about Incorporation and to see a breakdown of government fees by province, visit the Incorporation and Government Fees Info Sheet.

    Shareholder Agreement (Complex)

    $1,604 legal fee + $376 service fee

    Shareholder Agreements are used by incorporated businesses with multiple owners, or shareholders and are essential for organizing your business to grow. They govern the relationship between shareholders and their relationship with the corporation. Topics covered in a Shareholder Agreement often include how shares can be issued or transferred, the types of business decisions that require shareholder approval, and protections for minority shareholders.

    To learn more about Complex Shareholder Agreements, visit the Shareholder Agreement Info Sheet.

    Founder Employment Agreement (Complex)

    $856 legal fee + $224 service fee

    Employment Agreements govern the relationship between an employer and an employee and they are especially important when it comes to outlining the roles of your founding team. Complex Employment Agreements are suitable for high-level employees (like the founders) and exceed the minimum basic employment standards.

    To learn more about Complex Employment Agreements, visit the Employment Agreement Info Sheet.

    Annual Corporate Return Plan

    $199 per year

    12 months after your Startup Bundle is completed and your new corporation has been formed, Goodlawyer will automatically enrol you in a $199 per year Annual Corporate Return Plan. You can opt out of the Plan any time before your automatic enrolment, but you are still legally required to file an annual corporate return in the manner of your choosing.

    Learn more about Annual Corporate Return Plans.

    Interested in Goodlawyer Pro?

    When you purchase a Startup Bundle, you're eligible for a $150 discount on our annual Goodlawyer Pro membership (pay $449 instead of $599). Did we mention that Pro memberships include an Annual Corporate Return plan?

    Book a free Legal Concierge™ service to let them know if you are interested. 

    Why get a Startup Bundle?

    Protect your rocketship and yourself.

    Getting incorporated can be extremely beneficial for you and your business! Limit your personal liability, get better access to grants and investors, and reduce your tax burden.

    Grow without the growing pains.

    Enable your corporation to easily and fairly adjust the ownership structure so it can grow without you giving up control, and ensure that shareholders know the rules for owning a piece of your pie.

    Set clear expectations to avoid conflict.

    A Founder Employment Agreement cuts through the confusion and creates a legally-valid record of the employment expectations and standards for the founding team — from day one.


    "Top notch service and value for small business's who can't have an in-house legal department. Highly recommend."

    Brad, April 2021 — 5-Star Google Review


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