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Everything you need to know about getting a Employment Bundle on Goodlawyer: pricing, scope of work, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

  1. What is an Employment Bundle?
  2. Pricing and Scope
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  4. Why does my business need these documents?
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What’s in an Employment Bundle?

An Employment Bundle contains the two most critical legal documents for hiring employees — Employment Policies and a Basic Employment Agreement.

Employment Policies are key documents for your company and it’s imperative that they abide by employment laws. They outline your company’s unique relationship with its employees and include sections ranging from employee conduct to sick days to the company mission statement.

Employment Agreements govern relationships with each specific employee or role, and can be complicated depending on the nature of the relationship. At a minimum, they need to outline the employment structure, the number of hours the employee is expected to work, how the employee will be compensated, and what their duties and position are. This Bundle includes a Basic Employment Agreement. There may be additional costs if your situation requires a Complex Agreement. 


Pricing and Scope

These two agreements are very closely related, so it’s generally faster for lawyers to draft them together than to draft them separately. That means that when you bundle, you save! 

At Goodlawyer, part of our mission is to always provide upfront fixed prices for legal services, so we've created basic and complex Website Bundles to give business owners more choice and more control.

These two documents are closely related, meaning that it is faster for lawyers to draft them together than to draft them separately.

Employment Bundle

Starting at $2,160 + Tax

Where customization efforts exceed the scope outlined below, your service will require a custom quote. Some clear indications that you will require a custom quote are outlined in the next section.


  • Project kick-off call to gather information, advise you, and answer questions
  • One customized set of Employment Policies
  • One Employment Agreement
    • See the difference between a basic and custom Employment Agreement here
  • One round of minor revisions if necessary

Not Included

  • More than one Employment Agreement
  • Additional work or questions following the delivery of the Employment Bundle
  • Major revisions or rewriting of either document throughout, or after the project

What is the process?

  1. Book a call. Pick a time to discuss your Employment Bundle with a Good Lawyer.
  2. Design your documents. Help your lawyer understand the situation and your goals. Your lawyer will determine what wording and clauses you need in your documents and draft something tailored to your business.
  3. Receive your documents. You will receive a digital copy of the documents, ready to be signed and shared by employees.


Why get the Employment Bundle?

Set your business up right.

Sooner or later, everyone needs proper Employment Policies and Agreements. Once they’re in place, employment instantly becomes safer, more flexible, and easier for everyone involved.

Reduce your liability.

Getting strong contracts in place can reduce or eliminate the probability of being sued by a current or former employee. Policies and Agreements work together to protect you against these risks in a powerful way.

Set the right expectations.

Employment Agreements and Policies are the first things new employees see about your business. Make sure they’re polished and professional!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Goodlawyer Service Fee work?

Because we believe in transparent pricing, we make our best effort to be upfront about additional fees and how they are calculated.

Visit the Goodlawyer Service Fees page for a detailed explanation.

Will I be able to communicate with my lawyer after the kickoff call?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the Goodlawyer platform to send messages and files. If substantially more communication is needed, your lawyer may request another call.

What’s the difference between an Employment Agreement and a Service Agreement?

Employment Agreements and Service Agreements might seem similar on the surface, but they are very different in the eyes of the law. Service Agreements are used to hire a service provider or independent contractor for a set period of time and/or scope of work, whereas Employment Agreements are used to hire employees. If you aren’t sure, your lawyer will be able to clearly identify and draft whichever agreement you need. Learn more about Service Agreements.

What policies should I include?

Your lawyer will help you select policies that will be most useful to your business. Generally, these policies relate to employee conduct, compensation, procedures for travel, expenses, benefits, communication, sick days, termination, resignation, use of equipment and facilities, and an overview of the company’s mission and values. Other policies that are often but not always used include confidentiality, working from home, substance abuse, performance reviews, overtime and lunchtime, dress code, customer interactions, health plans, discrimination, intellectual property assignments, and harassment.

What if I have an existing Policy already?

If you’d like to revise your existing set of Employment Policies, consider booking a Contract Revision for $45 per page. Your lawyer will review your Policies and needs, advise you on your requested changes, and revise your agreement according to your discussion. If your Policies require extensive revisions, you might be better off starting from scratch with a fully tailored set of Employment Policies. Your lawyer will help you figure out what’s best for you, and will always clarify any additional costs for your approval.

What if I need more than one Employment Agreement?

This service will only cover the creation of one Employment Agreement. If additional Employment Agreements are needed, you can talk to your Good Lawyer. Sometimes it is more efficient to produce multiple agreements and a discount is possible, but that is situational and Goodlawyer can’t guarantee any kind of bulk discount. 

What file format will the Employment Policies be in?

Employment Policies are generally delivered as a PDF so that they can be easily shared, printed, and signed. They can also be delivered as a Word document. If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you mention it to your lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, yes, you should work with a local lawyer when drafting your Employment Policies and Agreements. If you book an out-of-province lawyer that determines you need someone with local expertise, they will let you know and Goodlawyer can set you up with a local lawyer ready to help.

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