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Lawyer Assisted Incorporations

When the Basic Incorporation doesn't fit your needs, book a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation.

  1. What is a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation?
  2. Pricing and Scope
  3. What is the Process?
  4. Government Fees by Province
  5. Annual Corporate Maintenance
  6. Book a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation



1. What is a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation?

Incorporation is a legal process that involves the creation of an independent legal entity that is recognized by the Canadian government. A corporation has the same rights as a person and is considered a separate legal entity. Corporations are the most common business structure in Canada and for good reason; incorporating your business can reduce your tax burden, limit your personal liability, give your business a strong foundation to build on, and more.

Goodlawyer offers a self-serve Basic Incorporation for corporations in AB, BC, ON and federally. If you want to deviate from the details set out in our Basic Incorporation, or if you just want some help from a lawyer, then your Incorporation will require lawyer assistance and fall under a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation.



2. Pricing and Scope

$599 + Government filing fees + Tax

  • $500 legal fee
  • $99 service fee
  • *Does not include any government filing fees (see pricing table below). These typically range from $300 - $500 depending on the province and bring the average incorporation price to $900 - $1200. There is no Goodlawyer service fee or tax charged on government filing fees, just a 3% payment processing fee


  • Project kick-off call to gather information, advise you, and answer questions
  • All incorporation documents: Organizing Directors Resolution, Director Consent(s), Organizing Shareholders Resolution, Directors and Officers Register, Notices of Directors/Registered Office (equivalent to Form 1 for Ontario companies and Form 2 for Canadian companies), Simple Subscription for Shares, Securities Register, Shareholders Ledger, Share Certificates (if required), Bylaws and/or Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation
  • Filing of incorporation documents on your behalf (federally and/or provincially)
  • Compilation of incorporation documents into a digital minute book record
  • Upgrade to Pro for $399 for your first year ($200 discount, renews at $599)

Not Included

  • Government filing fees (see pricing table below)
  • Intellectual property documents
  • Name reservation fees 
  • Preparation of a physical minute book
  • Acting as the company’s registered office
  • Additional documents or work related to the corporation



3. What is the process?

  1. Book a call. Pick a time to discuss your Lawyer Assisted Incorporation with a Good Lawyer.
  2. Design your Corporation. Tell your lawyer what you need from your future corporation.
  3. Confirm the submission. You may need to go back and forth with your lawyer to get all the details right and sign your documents before your lawyer files the paperwork with the registry office.
  4. Receive your information package. Your lawyer will set you up with all the digital paperwork you’ll need to own and maintain your new corporation.



4. What are the government fees?

The following table outlines the government filing fees for Incorporations across Canada. If you choose to Incorporate federally, you will also have to pay for extra-provincial or extra-territorial registration in each of the provinces and territories you’ll be conducting business.

Prices and fees are subject to changes and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the approximated fees listed in the table below. Price variations are created by registry fees such as name approval fees and publication fees which may or may not be charged by the registry office. Many registry offices are privately owned, creating significant variation in fees across the country.


Jurisdiction Federal Incorporation Provincial/Territorial Incorporation
Federal (+Provincial/Territorial) $200 - $250 N/A

British Columbia

$380 - $400 $380 - $400
Alberta $300 - $400 $300 - $400
Saskatchewan $270 - $330 $265 - $285
Manitoba $350 - $400 $350 - $400
Ontario $0 - $30 $300 - $360
Quebec $350 - 365 $345 - $385
New Brunswick $212 - $245 $265 - $300
Nova Scotia $275 - $300 $200 - $225
Newfoundland and Labrador $260 - $590 $275 - $305
Prince Edward Island $355 - $400 $250 - $290
Yukon $355 - $400 $300 - $340
Northwest Territories  $355 - $400 $300 - $325
Nunavut  $355 - $400 $300 - $325


Note that some provinces have agreements in place that allow you to extra provincially register for $0. For example, if you Incorporate provincially in AB, you can add a BC extra-provincial registration for no cost, and vice versa. Your lawyer will be able to identify if your Incorporation can capture any of these types of savings.



5. Annual Corporate Maintenance

Every corporation in Canada is legally required to file an annual corporate return with their corporate regulator(s), starting on the first anniversary date of your Incorporation and every year after (this is NOT the same as your annual corporate tax return which is filed with the CRA). On Goodlawyer, we make that corporate maintenance as easy as signing a document package once per year with our Annual Corporate Return plan ($199/year) or, it’s included in the Pro Subscription ($599/year).

If you purchase a Basic Incorporation or a Lawyer Assisted Incorporation, we will automatically roll you into a $199/year Annual Corporate Return plan 12 months from the date of your Incorporation. Pro-Start Incorporations and Pro-Lawyer Assisted Incorporations include an annual Pro Subscription (which comes with an annual corporate return) and automatically renew 12 months from the date of your Incorporation. You can cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal at any time during the first 12 months following your Incorporation, however, you are still required by law to complete an annual corporate return for your corporation in the manner of your choosing.

Lawyer Assisted Incorporations can add on their first year of Goodlawyer Pro for just $399. That's $200 off your first year (renews at $599).


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