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Everything you need to know about booking a Legal Strategy Session on Goodlawyer: pricing, scope of work, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

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What is a Legal Strategy Session?

A Legal Strategy Session is a 45 - 60 minute deep dive with a lawyer to help you develop a customized legal strategy for your business around a specific legal challenge you are facing. It will allow you to understand your business’s legal risks, know what steps can be taken to minimize those risks, and help you plan to set your business up for success now and into the future. Legal Strategy Sessions provide the opportunity to work through your strategic legal questions with a lawyer to develop a better understanding of what tailored legal services your business needs for success.

Legal Strategy Sessions can be booked with lawyers in any of our practice areas, such as Corporate & Commercial, Employment & Human Resources, Privacy & Data Security, Intellectual Property, Tax, Business Immigration, or Wills & Estates depending on your specific needs. For example, a new business might book a Legal Strategy Session with a Corporate & Commercial lawyer to get advice on which foundational legal documents are recommended and when they should be obtained and to identify what types of business relationships should be formalized with contracts to minimize risk. 

This service is for business owners seeking guidance on their business’s legal needs, priorities, and overall strategy. This service is typically used to dig into one or two specific legal questions so you and your lawyer can strategize and budget your next legal moves.


Pricing and Scope

Regular Pricing ($199 + Tax + Fees)


  • 45 - 60 minutes from an experienced lawyer in a practice area most relevant to your business needs (Corporate & Commercial; Employment & Human Resources; Privacy & Data Security; Intellectual Property, Tax, Business Immigration, or Wills & Estates). Note that this time may be spent entirely on a discussion, or your lawyer might need to take your question away, do some research, and call you back with an answer.
  • Advice tailored to your business regarding legal risks to be aware of and suggested next steps. 

Not Included:

  • Written deliverables (e.g. a summary of your discussion, a written legal opinion, etc.) 
  • Any additional research that cannot be completed within your 60-minute Strategy Session.
  • Any additional work or questions following the session.
  • Ongoing negotiations or mediation (to be quoted as a custom service)


What is the process?

  1. Book a call: Pick a time to discuss your legal strategy with a Good Lawyer. 
  2. Discuss your legal strategy: You’ll have up to 60-minutes on a call with your Good Lawyer to discuss your business goals and receive strategic legal advice, including suggested next steps.


How will my business use a Legal Strategy Session?

Get tailored advice for your unique situation.

No amount of Googling will compare to the expert advice you’ll get from a lawyer in a dedicated strategic planning session. Have a deep dive into your legal challenge and come away with a plan on how to move forward.

Set your business up for success and avoid common pitfalls.

A Legal Strategy Session can help ensure your business has the right documents and contracts in place to set your business up for success and avoid common mistakes, saving you time and money in the long run.

Better understand your next steps.

Understanding the legal side of starting and growing a business can be overwhelming. Your Good Lawyer can help you understand what next legal steps you should consider to help you meet your business goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Goodlawyer Service Fee work?

Because we believe in transparent pricing, we make our best effort to be upfront about additional fees and how they are calculated.

Visit the Goodlawyer Service Fees page for a detailed explanation.

How does a Legal Strategy Session differ from an Initial Consultation?

Initial Consultations are an introductory call to meet a lawyer, give them information about your business, your legal issue, and discuss how they can help you. Initial Consultations are NOT legal advice and are NOT for ongoing legal services or back-to-back calls. That's where Legal Strategy Sessions come in.

Legal Strategy Sessions are for more complex questions that require a deep dive and give you up to 1 hour of your lawyer's time. This 60 minutes might be spent entirely on one call with you, or might need to be split up into shorter calls and some time for your lawyer to research your issue. Either way, total lawyer time is up to 60 minutes.

What if my questions require additional research by the lawyer?

Our experienced good lawyers will be able to provide strategic guidance during most Legal Strategy Sessions. If your situation is complex enough to require additional research beyond the original 45 - 60 minutes, the service may be suitable for a custom price quote. Your lawyer will always seek your approval on custom quotes before proceeding — no surprises.

What if I need more time with the lawyer to answer my questions?

If additional time is required outside of the initial 45 - 60 minutes, your lawyer may suggest booking a second Legal Strategy Session or provide you with a custom quote. 

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, no. Most business legal strategies are applicable across the whole country, although some areas of law require local knowledge of provincial laws. If your situation requires local expertise, your lawyer will let you know and Goodlawyer will set you up with another lawyer who can help.


"Easy access to professional advice. Never would have been able to afford and get an actual lawyer without a service like this. Put my mind at ease without ever needing to leave my couch!"

Braden, January 2021 — 5-Star Google Review


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