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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Everything you need to know about getting a Non-Disclosure Agreement over Goodlawyer.

  1. What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?
  2. Pricing and Scope
  3. What is the Process?
  4. Why does my business need these documents?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Book your Non-Disclosure Agreement


What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are contracts between two parties (individuals or businesses) that prevent private information from being shared with anyone outside of the agreement. NDAs are also sometimes called Confidentiality Agreements, or Secrecy Agreements, and are typically used to keep employees, consultants, or business partners from leaking important information about trade secrets, intellectual property, deals in the works, unreleased products, client information, and more. 

Having strong NDAs in place will help your business move faster by worrying less about what information will get shared with whom, and increase your competitiveness. In the event that the other party breaks confidentiality, it ensures your business has the right leverage to get compensation for the damages.


Pricing and Scope

$480 + Tax


  • A kickoff call with a qualified lawyer
  • One customized Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • One round of minor revisions if necessary

Not Included

  • More than one version of the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Additional work or questions following the delivery of the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Major revisions or rewriting of the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your lawyer may recommend different or additional services, including a custom quote. Your approval for any additional work is always required and you will never be billed for services you didn't agree to.

What is the process?

  1. Book a call. Pick a time to discuss your Non-Disclosure Agreement with a Good Lawyer.
  2. Design your Agreement. Help your lawyer understand the situation and how the counterparty might use your confidential information. Your lawyer will determine what provisions you need in your NDA and draft something tailored to you.
  3. Receive your Agreement. You will receive a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, ready to help you keep your secrets.


Why book a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Leaks are expensive.

Operating without legally-valid NDAs in place can make it difficult to get the compensation you'll need if your confidential information is ever made public.

Establish the ground rules.

Let your employees, consultants, and service providers know what information is confidential and the consequences they can expect if they breach confidentiality.

Reduce your liability.

Business-level transactions like purchasing or selling a business require full disclosure between parties, and can leave you vulnerable and exposed if there is no NDA to protect you.

Work in secret.

Protect your intellectual property and product developments from competitors so that you can maintain your head start and turn it into a long-term lead.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Goodlawyer Service Fee work?

Because we believe in transparent pricing, we make our best effort to be upfront about additional fees and how they are calculated.

Visit the Goodlawyer Service Fees page for a detailed explanation.

Will I be able to communicate with my lawyer after the kickoff call?

Yes, absolutely. You can use the Goodlawyer platform to send messages and files. If substantially more communication is needed, your lawyer may request another call.

Do I really need a written NDA?

Non-Disclosure Agreements are key for clearly defining specific terms, what information must be kept confidential, and the consequences of violating the confidentiality. Without a legally sound NDA, it’s just your word against theirs in the case of a confidentiality breach. 

What types of information do I need an NDA for?

You should be using an NDA any time you divulge confidential information. That means hiring employees or contractors, buying or selling a business, developing a new product or entering into a new strategic business relationship. Confidential information is any information that is not made public about the company’s business and includes:

  • Personal information about your customers (learn more about Privacy Policies)
  • Information about any of your employees, suppliers, vendors, and other business contacts (learn more about Service Agreements)
  • Intellectual property and production methods(learn more about IP and Trademarks)
  • Any of your business’ assets like sales and marketing playbooks, product development processes, research, databases, etc.
  • Business strategies and plans, as well as sales projections and profit margins

If you’re unsure whether or not you need an NDA, an Initial Consultation with a good lawyer will get you an answer in no time!

Do NDAs work both ways?

Most NDA’s are one-directional, but Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements exist. They protect the confidential information of both parties, and are intrinsically more complex. If your lawyer determines that you need a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, there could be some additional costs, but your lawyer will always clarify before proceeding.

What if I need more than one Non-Disclosure Agreement?

This service will only cover the creation of one Non-Disclosure Agreement. If additional Non-Disclosure Agreement are needed, you can talk to your Good Lawyer. Sometimes it is more efficient to produce multiple agreements and a discount is possible, but that is situational and Goodlawyer can’t guarantee any kind of bulk discount. 

What file format will the Non-Disclosure Agreement be in?

Non-Disclosure Agreement are generally delivered as a PDF so that they can be easily shared, printed, and signed. They can also be delivered as a Word document. If that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you mention it to your lawyer.

Why not use a free template found on the internet?

Non-Disclosure Agreements are almost always specific to the nature of each relationship and the information being disclosed. An NDA written for employees probably won’t work for a business partner, or a supplier. There is also the possibility of having an illegal or non-valid NDA by including any unreasonable provisions, rendering the whole agreement invalid. Getting an NDA custom drafted for your situation is the best way to know your confidential info is protected.

Do I need a lawyer in my province?

Generally, no, you don’t need a local lawyer to draft a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you are looking for an employment-related Non-Disclosure Agreement, it might be best to talk to a lawyer in your province. If you book an out-of-province lawyer that determines you need someone with local expertise, Goodlawyer can set you up with a local lawyer ready to help.


"Great experience and very easy to use. When I needed help with an issue related to COVID they came through for me very quickly. Highly recommend!"

Delon, April 2020 — 5-Star Google Review



Protect your company's secrets.

Book a Non-Disclosure Agreement


Your lawyer will assess your situation and make sure this is the correct service for your needs.

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